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Impact management is more effective with peers who understand what you do. Become a Measure What Matters Partner to join a community of practice and receive additional training and support alongside other financial institutions as you establish a program that teaches companies how to create high quality jobs, strengthen communities, and preserve the environment..

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Demonstrate Your Leadership

Help companies manage and improve their positive impact with the B Impact Assessment.  Deliver a comprehensive accounting of your portfolio’s impact on workers, customers, communities, and the environment. Your team leverages our  B Analytics platform to put that data to work for you.

Educational Tools

Give companies a practical tool to build a better business - better for their workers, communities, and the environment.

Integrated Aggregation and Benchmarking

Use our simple integrated tools to track company participation and benchmark performance against 40,000 other businesses.

Outreach Opportunities

Use data to plan workshops, identify companies in need of assistance and recognize outstanding performers.

A Community of Practice

Get trained on how to make the most of your program alongside other financial institutions.

How Cohorts Work

Join 5 - 8 other business associations in planning and implementing Measure What Matters programs. Your Cohort will meet first for a two-day in-person kick-off training facilitated by B Lab. Thereafter, the cohort meets once a month for 6 months via web conference for two-hour trainings and knowledge share.

Participating Team Members

In past cohorts, participants have ranged from Board Members to Executive Directors to Analysts—members of your team who will work hands-on with participating companies are great fits.

Training Curriciulum

Over the six-month training period, you'll work with B Lab and fellow cohort members to cover the below topics:

  • The standards and topics that the B Impact Assessment teaches businesses and what they are intended to reward
  • How companies typically use the B Impact Assessment and what the software facilitates
  • How to conduct a pilot test and set up the campaign for your organization (online, in membership materials, etc.)
  • How to organize workshops to drive adoption
  • How to organize communities of practice to encourage improvement
  • How to interpret results from B Analytics
  • How to help companies create and execute on an improvement plan
  • How to reward participation and celebrate improvements
  • How to communicate the impact of your businesses
  • How to engage local resources (business coaches, consultants, MBA Students, etc) to support improvement

Partner Testimonials

Measure What Matters Partner Testimonial: BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada)


The following outlines the core fees to participate in the program. In addition, your organization may want to consider if and when customizations to the Impact Assessment or Analytics may be required.

  Year 1 Year 2

1. B Impact Assessment access for your companies

Cost Waived

Cost Waived

2. B Analytics Access + Customized Landing Page (annual fee)

$10,000 for 2 licenses


3. Cohort Training & B Lab Staff Support (one-time fee)






Optional Program Elements

 Customized Assessment*


Additional B Analytics Licenses


Additional one-on-one program support provided by B Lab $250/hour

*Greater customizations or uses will be scoped separately.

Start Managing Every Bottom Line

Build the perfect Measure What Matters program to help the companies you work with manage and improve their impact on the world. Download and complete an application to join the next cohort of banks.

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